We’re delighted to share the news that as of the 1st January 2022, Optimised Environments (OPEN) has joined SLR, a leading environmental consultancy.

This careful and strategic decision presented itself through several years of successful collaboration and a realisation that our culture and values are closely linked. These core values bring together market leading capabilities and a deep appreciation of collaboration with others in the industry.

We are excited that this move helps OPEN to increase our influence, as we pursue high quality sustainable change in the built and natural environment. OPEN brings to SLR a new and significant level of experience and attitude to the evaluation, creation and regeneration of places, alongside expertise in the assessment of the impacts that projects can bring. Our design-based culture has the potential to be significantly influential within SLR’s evolving structure. We believe this collaborative approach will further our ability to create places that respond to their context both physically and socially, enhance the health and wellbeing of our population while also tackling the challenges of climate change.

For our clients and collaborators, nothing will change from a services point of view, and we will continue to trade as OPEN (‘part of SLR’) with no change to our leadership or staffing structure. This allows continuity in our resourcing of projects and the relationships we’ve built, with the same high standard of service that you expect from OPEN.

SLR is based in the UK but working internationally across five main regions (Canada, the U.S., Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific). It provides a range of technical consulting and design services to support sustainable development and growth in the built environment, energy, mining and minerals, industry, and infrastructure sectors. This wider reach of SLR also offers potential for OPEN’s design and environmental ethos to have greater impact in new areas and emerging markets.

This is an exciting time in the evolution of OPEN and we are delighted to share this with SLR.