OPEN assisted Iberdrola with compliance phase support for the onshore infrastructure of the East Anglia ONE Offshore Wind Farm. OPEN produced a variety of landscape plan documentation to address Development Consent Order (DCO) requirements, relating to the detailed design of the onshore substation and onshore cable route. OPEN produced the detailed soft and hard landscape scheme for the onshore substation and cable route, landscape maintenance plans, design statement reports addressing the substation façade design and 3D modelling/photomontage visualisations illustrating the appearance of the onshore substation. OPEN has been involved in extensive local consultations, including preparation of presentations and attendance at consultation meetings with local authorities and the Design Council. The landscape design and 3D modelling/visualisation of the onshore substation involved liaison with the engineering team on the detailed design aspects related to the landscape design and appearance of the proposed development. The project is now at construction stage following successful discharge of DCO requirements.

Visulisation of substation

Substation plan

Panorama of East Anglia One plan

Map for East Anglia One plan

Map for East Anglia One plan

Visualisation of East Anglia One

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East Anglia One Offshore Wind Farm
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